Criticizing Wikimedia and Wikipedia

Improoving Wikimedia #1 – Nayers

Posted on: July 22, 2011

Here we go again. Another year over. The Wikimedia community is evolving steady, but slowly in my opinion. Too many “nayers” (read people, who say “no”). They spoil everything. You come with an idea, due to consensus-based decision process – nothing happens, because within 10 people you always find someone who says “no”. Did you experience it too? This is a way to hell.

Wikimedia Foundation staff does not seem to be helpful a lot. From my point of view, they are watching everything from above, but one can not really see concrete results behing them apart from few software improovements that are desparately needed since ages.

The Strategic planning project was quite a funny experience. It was a big halo when launched and it did collect great ton of ideas (god thanks for them!). After the ideas were collected, “Call for action” came. Few central notices on main wikis. Some traffic. Strategic plan for 2010-15 was compiled from the content. The document is ok, makes common sence and officialy outlined a way for next years. But I still miss that “action” to come.

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  • Jan Kucera (Kozuch): to zxq9: I think you are wrong. Facebook and Wikimedia are in exactly the same market - trying to attract new users. Finally, the Internet is only one
  • zxq9: Wikimedia does exist in the same space as commercial sites such as Facebook. But to imagine that they are literally in the same market is wrong. Faceb
  • Jan Kucera (Kozuch): Interesting insight, especially on the number of user interfaces! However, I think Wikimedia is in the same competition for users (readers and editors


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